About Our Sash Window Weights

A sash window consists of one or more moveable panels, known as “sashes”, which form a frame that holds panes of glass. These windows are opened by sliding the glazed panels horizontally or vertically and are often seen in traditional Georgian and Victorian houses, although they are becoming popular in modern homebuilding.  

For sash windows to work, they require sash window weights. A sash window weight is a critical component used within a sash window box to counterbalance the weight of the sliding panels and allow them to move effortlessly. This counterbalance allows the sash to hold its position at any height.  

Why DKL? 

Our sash window weights are manufactured using lead, which will not rust and can be easily cut to size unlike steel to fit your box size. Our lead sash window weights are ideal for use in double glazed windows or windows with thicker glass, making them suitable for modern day homebuilding.  

We offer a wide variety of weights and sizes to match your requirements, ensuring our sash window weights can provide the right balance for any sash window. Our lead weights range from 3.7Kg to 25.5Kg and are available in pallet quantities from 30 to 270. This product also has a weight tolerance of 5% and a hole diameter of 10-10.5mm.  

Depending on your individual requirements, we may also be able to supply other standard sizes on request. Alongside this, we can calculate the weights needed for your window 

For more information about our sash window weights, please feel free to contact us on 01506 847710. As one of the UK’s leading lead-free and tin-lead alloy manufacturers, we offer a range of other products from SN100C solder bar and 96SC solder alloy, to SAC 305 alloy and casting alloys. If you wish to browse our other products, you can do so here.


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