Applications of 96SC Solder Alloy

96SC Solder Alloy has been designed to be a drop-in replacement for Tin/Lead Solder Alloys in electronics assembly soldering operations. The resulting soldered joints should perform as well as Tin/Lead solder joints in most cases.

The Facts

  • The lowest melting point of any high-Tin, Lead-free alloy.
  • This alloy is proven across many industries.


96SC is the next generation of Lead-free alloy with the same high thermal conductivity as conventional leaded alloys. 96SC eliminates the handling and waste management hazards due to lead, for operators using conventional Lead-containing alloys.

Operating conditions

Because 96SC Solder Alloy melts at 38°C higher than Tin/Lead eutectic, temperature profiles designed for Tin/Lead alloys will need to be revised accordingly.

Property96SC Solder Alloy
Melting Point (Degrees C)217
Electrical conductivity, %lACS13

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