How Blowpipe Solder Can Benefit You

What is blowpipe solder?

Our industry leading blowpipe solder is available in a wide range of high-quality fusible alloys. These alloys are mainly based on tin and lead, as well as others where required. The low melting point is essential so you can use these fusible alloys for a variety of uses.

DKL Metals have over 30 years of experience in alloy technology. Being one of the UK’s leading lead free and tin lead alloy producers there’s not much we don’t know within this industry.

What blowpipe solder is used for:

The main and most recognisable characteristic of blowpipe solder is its low melting point and ease of use. This has its benefits as it makes this alloy suitable for many applications such as:-

• Tube bending
• Wiping and joining of lead pipes
• Radio therapy shielding
• Optical lens grinding
• Press tools
• Safety devices
• Stained glass work

The listed applications are best when using blowpipe solder. Time and energy are saved as you don’t need as much heat to melt to the solder when you’re joining lead pipes or tube bending etc.

DKL Metals offer a vast range of low melt alloys and blowpipe solder. Being one of the first in our industry to gain accreditation under the BS5750 Part 2 for their Quality Management System (QMS). We are your best option when purchasing solder, alloys and a variety of metals. Find out more by contacting us on 01506 847710.


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