Casting Alloys

Our Casting Alloy range covers all alloys from low-cost lead-based specifications to lead-free pewter. These are used across a range of industries including military models, fantasy figurines, costume jewellery, giftware, and collectables.

We are renowned for our casting alloys, but we are also the largest UK producer of ultra-pure solder alloys for the electronics assembly and HASL industry across Europe and we are the only UK licensed source for all four of the most popular, proven lead-free solutions. We have continued to expand our product range and knowledge encompassing all tin and tin/lead-based alloys for applications across a range of different industries.

Our casting alloys are only suitable for casting professionals and are not aimed for use in a non-industrial environment. It is important to remember that these alloys may contain lead and as such most not be heated above 450oC. Always read Material Safety Data Sheets before using any alloy.

If you would like to enquire about our casting alloys or any of our other products and services which we offer here at DKL please get in touch by contacting us on 01506 847710 or email us and member of our team will help you.

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