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Casting Alloy

Casting Alloys

DKL Metals stock a huge range of casting alloys, from Casting Alloy 92J – lead free pewter (High grade lead-free alloy, suited for casting of highly-detailed pieces where a bright polished finish is required) to Casting Alloy 55 (Tin-rich, mid-priced alloy, widely used in both model casting and jewellery trades) we are sure to supply the alloy for you.

Casting alloys come in a whole range of specifications, including both tin and lead based alloys. These are suitable for volume production of costume jewellery or even model figures. Our range of casting alloys covers everything from lead-free pewter to low cost lead-based materials.

A selection of our stock is listed as below:

  • Casting Alloy 92J0 (Lead Free Pewter)
  • Casting Alloy CT1
  • Casting Alloy 90 (Master Metal)
  • Casting Alloy 75
  • Casting Alloy 55
  • Casting Alloy 42
  • Casting Alloy 37
  • Casting Alloy 34
  • Casting Alloy 31
  • Casting Alloy 4

To view more information about these alloys, including pouring temperature, density and solidus, please visit our casting alloys technical data sheet. Our full range encompasses many other specifications than those listed. If you have a particular requirement please contact us and we will do our very best to supply.

As part of our service to the casting alloy industry, we can supply dross bins for the safe transportation of your scrap and drosses. Learn more about our dross recovery service and watch out video here.



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