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Which Type of Solder Should I Use for Electronic Application?

We proudly stock an extensive range of lead-free and tin/lead solder for a multitude of electronic applications, all manufactured independently by us. In this ...

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Our Casting Alloys for Jewellery & Model Making

With over 30 years of experience in the supply of high purity alloys to the manufacturing industry, we produce a range of casting alloys ...

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Our Sash Window Weights

DKL Metals was founded in 1986 as an independent manufacturer of tin/lead alloys. In our many years of business we have grown largely and today we’re recognised as one of the ...

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We Are the UK’s Foremost Producer of Lead-Free Solders

DKL Metals are the UK’s largest producer of ultra-pure solder alloys for the electronics assembly and HASL industry across Europe. We are the only ...

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solder bar manufacturer, solder bar, lead free solder bar

We’re a Leading Solder Bar Manufacturer

Established in 1986 as an independent leading solder bar manufacturer, we are one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of both tin/lead and lead-free solder bar. ...

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Why Blowpipe Solder is So Popular

Here at DKL metals we have over 30 years’ experience in our industry. Being the UK’s largest producer of ultra-pure solder alloys for the electronics assembly ...

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What We Do

DKL Metals Ltd was founded in 1986, since then we have built our company to what it is today. DKL Metals is now recognised ...

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What Are Casting Alloys Good For?

There is a wide range of different casting alloys to select from to achieve the most cost-effective and the most suitable material that meets the requirements of a ...

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Solder Analysis

Founded in 1986, DKL Metals are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high purity solders and alloys. All of our products are made in house so we ...

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sash window weights, casting alloys, solder analysis

Sash Window Weights

We’ve all heard of sash windows, but what are sash window weights?   Sash window weights are used as a balancing mechanism to counteract the ...

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Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for European industry.

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