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Electronic Grade Products

We stock a wide variety of solder alloys, pastes and solder bars created for use in the electronics industry. Choose from our range of leaded and lead-free solder that comes in bar, paste and wire formats. If you choose to go for a lead-free alloy, it is important to ensure this is not mixed with other lead-free solder alloys or tin/lead solders. We have marked all lead-free solder bars with our DKL ‘Lead Free’ engraving for easy identification.

Quality control is of the upmost importance across the entire DKL range, within or tin/leaded solders we have been a leading manufacturer and distributor for many years. Products such as our E-Qual SMQ range is manufactured from only the highest-grade virgin metals and contain special anti-drossing treatments.

Within our range of electronic grade lead free solder we stock our SAC alloys, these include the 96SC and 97SC. These two alloys are designed to be lead free substitutes in all electronics soldering assemblies. Advantages of the 96SC and 97SC include:

  •  Best all around lead free alternative SAC alloy.
  •  Leading product for the electronics production industry.
  •  Low melting points – Enhanced welding characteristics.
  •  Compatible with all FLUX types.

Find out more about our 96SC and 97SC here.

We are more than happy to manufacture to your requirements or individual specification. Please contact the team for further information on 01506 847710.


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