Tin/Lead (Leaded) Solder

DKL Metals has been a major manufacturer of tin/lead alloys for the European electronic and HASL market for many years. We stock the highly successful E-Qual SMQ range of Surface Mount Quality solder bar and wire. The introduction of the RoHS EU Directive 2002/95/EC, “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” regulations means we will continue manufacturing the full E-Qual tin/lead range, for those industries that are currently exempt.

The E-Qual SMQ range is manufactured only from high grade virgin metals and contain a special anti-drossing treatment. This will show a marked reduction in dross formation in all assembly situations. Quality control is guaranteed by our fully equipped in house laboratory, which is also available to our customers for routine solder bath analysis. All E-Qual alloys are manufactured in accordance with our Quality Management System approved to BS.EN.ISO 9001: 2000 and our Environmental System approved to EN ISO140001 (1996). – are these up to date?

The E-Qual SMQ range includes the most popular production alloys e.g. 63/37, 60/40, 62S (Sn62Ag2) and HMP (High Melting Point) solder. We also have available our “Confab” 63/37 or 60/40 alloy for use in the high-volume consumer and fabrication sector of the electronics industry.

We are more than happy to manufacture to your own individual specification and welcome your enquiry. Contact the team on 01506 847710 or email sales@dklmetals.co.uk.

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