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Industrial Grade

Our industrial grade products are manufactured in accordance with our approved Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 and our Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015. Our fully operational in-house workshop guarantees reliable & consistent quality and performance from all our standard and customer specified solder products.

Products available:

Solder Paste
We offer industrial solder paste which work in line with our soft alloy range. Our most popular products include:

  • E-Qual Solder Paste
    The E-Qual 35S is a general-purpose soldering flux with exceptional wetting & spreading properties.
  • Epatam Solder Paste
    The Epatam Solder Paste is a blend of finely powdered solder & soldering flux combined with a suspension agent which averts metal settling & avoids unnecessary stirring. 

Solder Alloys

We produce soft solders for a variety of application. These include: plumbing, heat exchanger manufacture, cable jointing, stained glass work, dipping and a more specialised range of soldering aluminium, high temperature applications etc. We use the up-to-date ISO 9001:2015 range as our bench mark and also manufacture to the older BS219:1977 standard when required.

We offer a customer specified alloying service which is based on alternative national & international standards or unique particular requirements.

High Purity Anodes

Our pure/high grade tin anodes are produced by casting, rolling or extrusion, depending on the specification of the customer. Our Anodes are used across Europe in electroplating & manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Solder Wires

We offer a selection of industrial solder wires:

  • E-Qual cored solder wire
    The Q-HH Cored Solder Wire is specifically designed for all hand soldering applications & repair applications on soldering assembly board
  • Tin/Lead Solder Wires

We produce a variety of solder wires, both flux & solid wire styles which suit most repair-work & hand soldering applications

Special Products

  • Custom Alloys

We offer an all-inclusive range of fusible alloys. We can develop formulations that either have specific melting range or element additions which modify strength, corrosion, or creep in our fully operational in-house workshop.
Our alloys have a huge range of end uses, these include optical lens grinding, safety devices, tube bending, foundry patterns, press tools & radio therapy shielding.

  • Licensed Alloys
    We are the only UK licenced manufacturer of the following three, top-selling alloy systems which are used world-wide:

2.E-Qual 97TSC

3.E-Qual 96TSC

  • Low Melt Alloys

We offer a variety of fusible alloys which melt at a relatively low temperature, from 47 °C to 183°C.
These alloys are primarily based on bismuth/tin/lead with, where required, the addition of indium, gallium and cadmium etc.
These alloys have a selection of end uses including optical lens grinding, safety devices, tube bending, foundry patterns, press tools and radio therapy shielding etc.

Please contact us with your individual requirements on (01506 847710), and we will be happy to assist.



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