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As the UK’s largest producer of ultra-pure electronic and industrial grade metals, we are able to offer an extensive variety of proven lead-free solutions to the European industry. Our product range includes everything from lead free solder wire and fluxes to high purity anodes and white metal bearing alloys. Additionally, all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality and consistency, using carefully selected raw materials and enforcing international standards throughout each stage of production.  

Our competitively priced products are composed in our fully equipped in-house laboratory, with leading alloy technology ensuring the highest quality standards are always met. We are able to cater to a substantial range of diverse industries and applications, providing you with the most suitable solution for any requirements. Here are our most popular featured products: 

Sash Window Weights  

Our lead sash window weights can be supplied in a variety of weights and sizes depending on the specific requirements needed for your project. They work by counter-balancing the weight of a sliding sash to hold it in the correct position at any height.   

Solder Wire  

Our expert team are able to supply both flux cored and solid wire style solder wires to suit most repair-work and hand-soldering applications. Our EQ-STD Cored Solder Wire allows very particular requirements to be met, due to its versatile physical characteristics and overall specification which can be seen here.  

SAC Alloys 

We provide E-Qual 96TSC (SAC387) proprietary alloy which has a composition of 95.5% tin, 3.8% silver and 0.7% copper. Moreover we offer E-Qual 97TSC (link to https://www.dklmetals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/E-Qaul97TSC-TDS-DKL.pdf), an alternative alloy for tin/lead alloys used in various electronics assembly soldering operations. These all-round, lead free substitutes are proven in production use and are compatible with all flux types.  

SN100C Solder Bar  

DKL Metals are the leading UK and Ireland licensed manufacturer of one of the most successful, technically proven solders in use today, SN100C. This lead-free, eutectic alloy solder has benefitted the commercial production of printed circuit boards for over a decade and guarantees a consistent application.   

Amongst our most popular products, we stock an all-encompassing product range which you can view on our website. If you require more information, please contact our knowledgeable team on 01506 847710 or sales@dklmetals.co.uk 


Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for European industry.

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