Our Solder Alloy Range

We are proud to be the UK’s only licensed manufacturer of all three of the most popular, best-selling lead-free alloy solutions used globally – SN100C, E-Qual 97TSC and E-Qual 96TSC. Alongside this, we are able to cater to the highly demanding needs of European industries with a vast range of electronic and industrial grade alloy products.  

SAC Alloys 

One of our most popular products is our SAC305 alloy, which is an electronic grade alloy specifically designed to be substituted for tin/lead alternatives in various electronics assembly soldering operations. This E-Qual 97TSC alloy has good solderability and is compatible with all flux types, making it a proven solution for use in electronics manufacturing. We also supply SAC387 alloy, a propriety alloy comprising of 95.5% tin, 3.8% silver and 0.7% copper. This is a lead-free, eutectic alloy which produces results equal to those of lead solders without undesirable additions.  

Casting Alloys  

We stock a huge range of casting alloys, catering to volume production of costume jewellery as well as model figure casting. Our extensive selection covers all alloys from lead-free pewter to low cost, lead-based specifications, and these alloys are suitable for industrial use for casting professionals. To browse the alloys we stock along with their technical specifications, visit our Casting Alloys page.  

White Metal Alloys  

As one of the UK’s foremost manufacturer of alloys across Europe, we also produce a wide range of both tin and lead-based white metal bearing alloys which comply to all recognised national and international standards. If you have specific requirements, our expert in-house laboratory team are able to supply custom alloys to suit your needs.  

Low Melt Alloys  

Appropriate for optical lens grinding, safety devices, tube bending, radio therapy shielding and more uses, our low melt range incorporates many of our common alloys melting from 47°C to 183°C. These low melt alloys are based on bismuth/tin/lead and can include indium, gallium and cadmium where required. If you would like advice on the wide range of properties available in our low melt alloy range, please contact our team.   

We are dedicated to providing high-quality alloy solutions that are very competitively priced and our products can be tailored to your unique requirements if needed. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to call us on 01506 847710.  


Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for European industry.

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