Lead Free Fluxes

To meet the increased demands imposed by the higher operating temperatures involved in successful lead-free soldering, DKL Metals have released new flux products designed specifically for this environment:

  1. EQ-392. No-Clean is a homogeneous mixture of halogen-free, low solids organic flux designed for wave-soldering conventional and surface mount PCB assemblies. EQ-392 provides superior foaming characteristics with a uniform, stable head of small bubbles.
  2. EQ-355VOC. Is a water-based, water-soluble, halide-free flux designed for mass soldering of conventional and surface mount PCB assemblies.
  3. Cobar 390-RX-HT Flux. This high-reliability flux is specifically developed for higher thermal impacts. The flux shows high SIR values under the most critical test conditions.
  4. Cobar 95-DRX+. This is a low-VOC, low solids flux that provides extremely low residues. Using this flux requires the minimum of a nitrogen atmosphere on the wave.

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  Download EQ-392 TDS

  Download EQ-355VOC TDS

  Download Cobar 390-RX-HT TDS

  Download Cobar 95-DRX+ TDS

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