Solder Bar

We stock a selection of solder bars of differing volumes. 4.3kg autofeed ingots, 1k bars, tinman solder (250g) and blowpipe solder. If you have any other requirements then please call us on 01506 847710 or email us on [email protected]

Solder Bars we stock include:

  • E-Qual 63/37
  • Pureflow F 60/40
  • Pureflow F 40/60
  • Pureflow F, High melting point solder

  Download Pureflow F 63-37 TDS

  Download Pureflow F 60-40 TDS

  Download Pureflow F 40-60 TDS

  Download Pureflow F High Melting Point Solder TDS

  Download SMQ Data Sheet

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