Solder Wire

A selection of our more popular lead-free products are detailed below:

  1. DKL WIRE LF3135NC is a new product developed for all lead-free solder alloys and applications. The new activator system is based on a successful two-step activator. It is designed for applications where higher activation with less residues are required.
  2. DKL WIRE LF2220NC is designed for lead-free hand soldering and repair on both lead-free and tin/lead soldered board. The unique activation system guarantees very low residues after soldering. The new activator allows for fast wetting, especially on critical surfaces. The post soldering residues remain clear at the higher process temperatures required for lead free soldering.

We also offer a range of solid solder wires, please contact the team for more information.


  Download Partner Wire LF3135NC TDS

  Download Partner Wire LF2220NC TDS

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