White Metal Alloys

DKL Metals manufacture a wide-range of tin and lead-based, white metal bearing alloys to meet all recognised national and international standards. We also offer a custom alloy manufacturing service based on your specific requirements or on metal samples submitted for analysis by our in-house laboratory. There are many white metal alloys in use today, so we have detailed below a selection of guide specifications based on the BS3332 1987 range.

ATin richBal7.0-8.03.0-4.00.350.050.10.0050.080.100.0050.2
BTin richBal7.0-8.03.0-4.00.350.8-
CTin richBal8.5-10.03.5-5.00.350.050.10.0050.080.100.0050.2
DTin rich66.0-71.00.501.0-2.00.500.050.1Bal0.080.100.0050.2
ELead rich9.0-11.014.0-16.00.7Bal0.050.60.0050.10.100.0050.2
FLead rich5.0-7.09.0-11.00.7Bal0.050.250.0050.10.100.0050.2
GLead rich4.5-6.514.0-17.00.7Bal0.050.30.0050.10.100.0050.2
HLead rich0.9-1.713.5-15.50.7Bal0.020.8-1.20.0050.10.100.0050.2

N.B. Single value denotes max. permissible

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