Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd. the UK’s foremost producer of Lead-free solders and Tin-Lead alloys for European industry.

DKL Metals Ltd was founded in 1986 as an independent manufacturer of Tin/Lead alloys. Since then, we have grown substantially and today we’re recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high purity Solders and alloys.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards or customer proprietary specifications.

We are proud of our customer satisfaction policy to pursue the highest standards of quality and consistency. We believe it is important to satisfy the varied and exacting demands of the modern manufacturing industry. This is achieved by taking the greatest care in the selection of basic raw materials and imposing stringent quality control standards throughout each manufacturing stage.

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Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for European industry.

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