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Solder Bar vs Solder Wire: Choosing the Right Option for Your Project

When it comes to soldering, selecting the right type of solder material is crucial for achieving optimal results. Two common options in the soldering arsenal are solder bars and solder wires. While both serve the same purpose of joining metal components, they possess distinct characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. In this blog, Solder Bar vs Solder Wire: Choosing the Right Option for Your Project

Leaded Solder Bar

We produce a range of leaded (containing tin/lead) solder bars for the electronics industry after the introduction of the RoHS Directive, to support those industries still exempt from the legislation albeit with a reduced product range.  

SAC Alloys Solder Bar

DKL Metals provide both E-Qual 96TSC (SAC387) and E-Qual 97TSC (SAC305). E-Qual 96TSC alloy is a proprietary alloy of composition 95.5%tin, 3.8%silver, 0.7% copper. It may be regarded as a refinement of the established Sn96.5 Ag3.5 (Sn96, 96S) binary eutectic alloy. E-Qual 97TSC is an alloy designed to be substituted for tin/lead alloys in some SAC Alloys Solder Bar

Revolutionising Soldering With 96SC Solder Bar

Soldering With 96SC Solder Bar As a top supplier of premium solder alloys, we are committed to providing the finest products and services to the electronics industry. Today, we’ll be discussing 96SC Solder Bar we will explore its impressive features and benefits. What is 96SC Solder Bar? 96SC Solder Bar is a high-performance, Lead-free solder Revolutionising Soldering With 96SC Solder Bar

About Solder Bar

About Solder Bar Welcome to the DKL Metals Ltd. blog, we are the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for the European industry. Solder bars are a crucial component in the soldering process. They are commonly used in electronics, plumbing and other industries. In this blog, we’ll discuss what solder bars are, About Solder Bar

A Guide to Leaded Solder Bar

Leaded Solder Bar: A Guide Leaded solder bar  is a popular choice for electronic manufacturing, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. The standard alloy typically contains 60% Tin and 40% Lead. The addition of Lead provides improved fluidity to the molten solder, making it easier to work with and providing a better flow for A Guide to Leaded Solder Bar

Alternative Bar Forms

We stock a selection of Solder Bars of differing volumes. 4.3kg autofeed Ingots, 1k bars, Tinman solder (250g) and Blowpipe solder. If you have any other requirements then please call us on 01506 847710 or email us on Solder Bars we stock include: Pureflow F 63/37 Pureflow F 60/40 Pureflow F 40/60 Pureflow F, Alternative Bar Forms

Lead Free Bar

DKL Metals are the UK and Ireland’s licensed manufacturer for this unique stabilised tin-copper-nickel + germanium eutectic lead-free alloy system. SN100C has been in commercial production of printed circuit boards for over 11 years and SN100CL in hot air levelling for over 8 years throughout the world. It is recognised as amongst the most successful, Lead Free Bar

Secure Your Stock for 2024: DKL Metals Has You Covered

As we approach the end of 2023, strategic businesses are already gearing up for the opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring. At DKL Metals, we understand the importance of staying ahead, and that’s why we’re encouraging you to order your solder stock now so your business is ready for 2024. Anticipate the Trends With Secure Your Stock for 2024: DKL Metals Has You Covered