Solder Analysis

Founded in 1986, DKL Metals are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high purity solders and alloys. All of our products are made in house so we can design them for your individual needs. This is linked to our philosophy of having a rapid response to customers and incredible personal service and pricing.  

At DKL Metals our laboratory of the highest standard offers a bath analysis program. This is crucial in our industry due to the monitoring of copper and lead levels is the key to a controlled solder process. During the solder process, solder can become contaminated with other metals disrupting the process. The materials collected throughout the solder process can affect the characteristics and overall ability of the solder. 

Solder analysis should be done every 2-3 months as this will protect your solder. Solder baths should be at 220 deg. Celsius to 260 deg. Celsius for binary Tin-Lead alloys. For Lead-free solder alloys, the bath temperature is much higher at 350 deg. Celsius to 400 deg. Celsius.  

Our solder analysis process: 

  • We ensure that the solder bath is of the correct operating temperature. 
  • The sample should be taken with a warm, dry ladle from the slowing wave, then poured directly into a cold mould 
  • The mould is then sat on a flat, level surface and the metal is poured into the mould in one pouring action as this helps achieve a smooth finish. 

DKL Metals can analyse your samples at our in-house laboratory. These samples must be done with the DKL Metals sampling kit and once prepared correctly, we will test your samples and deliver the results. 

Please contact our team for further details about solder analysis on 01506 847710 or on email at Alternatively you can learn more on our services page 


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