Solder Bar

We are recognised as the leading manufacturers of high purity Solders, and Solder Bar is one of our most popular products.

Our expertise of the industry allows us to meet its varying demands, and we are able to supply both industrial and electronic grade products in accordance with our approved Quality Management System BS EN IS09001:2008.

Types of available Solder Bar

We manufacture a wide variety of lead-free solders for all industrial applications, including Solder Bars of which we stock:

  • W-Qual 63/37 solder
  • Pureflow F 60/40 solder
  • Pureflow F 40/60 solder
  • Pureflow F, High Melting Point Solder

Each type of Solder Bar we stock is manufactured in our fully equipped, in-house laboratory to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Additionally, we are the UK and Ireland’s licensed manufacturer of SN100C Solder Bar, a unique lead-free solder alloy comprised of stabilised tin-copper-nickel + germanium. It is recognised as one of the most successful and technically proven solders available on the market.

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