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What are Sash Window Weights?

We’ve all heard of sash windows, but what are sash window weights?

Sash window weights are used as a balancing mechanism to counteract the weight of a sliding window and hold that window open at the desired height. Sash windows can also be known as hung sash windows, although technically any window that has movable panels that form a frame to hold the panes of glass can be referred to as sash windows. The term is widely associated with windows where glazed panels are opened vertically or horizontally.

The first sash windows can be dated back to the late 1600s and are debated to have originated from an English inventor, however the true lineage is not fully known. Sash windows can usually be found in Georgian or Victorian houses. The cast iron sash window weight is not identifiable from the outside of the structure. It works as part of an internal mechanism. The process includes the sash window weight being connected to a braided cotton cord that runs over the top of the widow and balances out the weight keeping the window at any desired opening size.

DKL provide a range of sash window weights varying from sizes of 25x25x600 to 50x50x600. All of which are delivered one pallet with cardboard, shrink wrapped and secured with steel bands.

Please contact the team for further details on 01506 847710 or visit our Sash Window Weight page to download the size table.


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