Which Solder is For You?

We are proud to stock an extensive range of Lead-free and Tin/Lead solder for a multitude of electronic applications, all of which are manufactured independently by us. So, what electronic grade solders are best suited to what?

Lead Free Solder

  • SN100C This Tin-Copper-Nickel + Germanium eutectic Lead-free alloy is perfect for commercially produced, printed circuit boards and hot air levelling. This has been a trusted choice for over 11 years and is one of the most technically proven Lead-free solders on the market.
  • SAC Alloys Here at DKL we provide SAC 305 Alloys; an alloy designed to be used as a substitute for tin/lead alloys in electronics assembly soldering operations.
  • Lowsac Made for use in highly specialised applications. Lowsac is a great lead-free alterative to traditional tin lead solders in terms of the cost. However, Lowsac may not be suited to all mass production applications.
  • Solder Wire We have a range of lead-free solder wire available here at DKL and these are idea for higher activation with less residue, due to their unique activation systems.

Tin/Lead Solder

  • Tin/Lead Solder Bar We have a selection of solder bars which cater to differing volumes from 4.3kg auto feed ingots to 250g tinmans solder, this is suited to general purpose uses such as joining copper.
  • Rosin Cored Solder WireOur EQ-STD cored solder wire is highly versatile. It allows the user to determine a specification, however, this solder wire suits most hand-soldering and repair work for applications.

For more information about solder and our products, contact us on 01506 847710 or email us sales@dklmetals.co.uk and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

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