Which Type of Solder Should I Use for Electronic Application?

We proudly stock an extensive range of lead-free and tin/lead solder for a multitude of electronic applications, all manufactured independently by us. In this blog, we’re going to cover what uses each of our electronic grade solders are best suited to.

Lead Free Options

  • SN100C Solder Bar – This tin-copper-nickel + germanium eutectic lead-free allow is perfect for commercially produced printed circuit boards and hot air levelling. Having been a trusted choice for over 11 years, SN100C is one of the most technically proven lead-free solders on the market.
  • SAC Alloys – We provide SAC 305 alloy, an alloy designed to be used as a substitute for tin/lead alloys in electronics assembly soldering operations.
  • LowsacMade for use in highly specialised applications, Lowsac is a great lead-free alternative to traditional tin lead solders in terms of cost. However, this allow may not be suited to all mass production applications.
  • Solder WireWe offer a range of lead-free solder wires, which are ideal for higher activation with less residue due to their unique activation systems.

 Tin/Lead Options

  • Tin/Lead Solder BarOur selection of solder bars caters to differing volumes from 4.3kg autofeed ingots to 250g tinman solder, and is suited to general purpose uses such as joining copper.
  • Rosin Cored Solder WireOur EQ-STD cored solder wire is highly versatile, allowing the user to determine a specification. However, this solder wire suits most hand-soldering and repair-work applications.

Alongside these, we manufacture a range of industrial grade solders. If you wish to enquire about any of our products, please get in touch on +44 (0) 1506 847710.


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