Who We Are, What We Do

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high purity solder and alloys. Founded in 1986 as an independent manufacturer we have grown substantially, and we pride ourselves on our rapid response, personal service, and competitive prices.

We were one of the first in the industry to gain accreditation under BS5750 Part 2 for our Quality Management System. We continue to maintain and update our QMS in line with the changing requirements to meet the standards.

We manufacture a range of raw materials to the highest standard, imposing stringent quality control standards throughout the manufacturing stage. Here are some of the products we manufacture…

Casting Alloys Our range of casting alloys covers all alloys from lead-free to low cost lead-based specifications. These can be used across a wide range of industries from costume jewellery, giftware, and military models.

Alternative Bar Forms We stock various types of solder bar, differing in volumes. Solder Bars we stock include: Pureflow F 63/37, F60/40, F 40/60 and high melting point solder.

Sash Window Weights The term is used in reference to windows where the glazed panels are opened by sliding vertically or horizontally. They are used to counterbalance the weight of a sliding sash to hold it position. We offer a variety of weights and sizes to match your requirements.

For more information about our products call us on 01506 847710 or email us sales@dklmetals.co.uk

Welcome to DKL Metals Ltd the UK’s foremost producer of lead-free solders and tin-lead alloys for European industry.

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