Why Blowpipe Solder is So Popular

Here at DKL metals we have over 30 years’ experience in our industry. Being the UK’s largest producer of ultra-pure solder alloys for the electronics assembly and HASL industry across Europe, we are your alloy specialists. we are also the only UK licensed source for all four of the most popular, proven lead-free solutions.  

The Low melting point of Blowpipe Solder 

Blowpipe solder is a fusible alloy which haa primary purpose of melting at a low temperature compared to other metals. Steel is a common metal that is used for many things like construction and car manufacturing, steel has a common melting point of 1370 degrees C. Blowpipe solder has a much lower melting point, for example lead free Blowpipe Solder is fully molten at around 227°C. The Melting temperature of blowpipe solder is perfect for many applications, one of those being the joining of lead pipes. Blowpipe solder is useful for many companies needing fusible alloys as they will save your company time and energy as they require very little time to melt and not a great amount of energy to melt them either. 

Despite blowpipe solder being so great we offer a vast range of chemical specifications and physical properties available in our low melt range. If you’re Interested in blowpipe solder or another product, please contact us on 01506 847710 and we will apply our knowledge giving advice on the best product for your application. 



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