Our Casting Alloys for Jewellery & Model Making

With over 30 years of experience in the supply of high purity alloys to the manufacturing industry, we produce a range of casting alloys suitable for mass production of high quality costume jewellery, toy soldiers and model figures.  

Ideal for production of the above applications as well as giftware and collectibles, our casting alloys range from lead-free, lead-rich and tin-rich and are made for industrial environments. Our available selection includes the following:  

  • 92J – A lead-free pewter casting alloy best suited for applications requiring high detail and a bright, polished finish.  
  • CT1 – This is a high grade tin-rich alloy containing a small amount of lead for improved flow properties.  
  • 90 Master Metal – A tin-rich casting alloy with the addition of lead for fantastic flow properties. This alloy is suitable for high quality master production.  
  • 75 – Ideal for jewellery and model making, this tin-rich alloy contains lead and gives a polished ‘pewter-like’ appearance.  
  • 37 – The industry standard for model figure casting, this lead-rich alloy offers good definition.  
  • 31 – A lead-rich casting alloy best suited to model figure production, with maximum malleability for action posing.  

See our full range here.  

Along with manufacturing and supplying high quality casting alloys, we offer dross bins to safely transport your scrap and drosses 

For more information or to discuss particular requirements, contact us on +44 (0) 1506 847710 or at sales@dklmetals.co.uk 


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